We have a one hundred per cent success rate in helping people who may be Horse Phobic. They came to us terrified, and in just a short while experienced the affection and trust of a loving mule. In a few short days our clients were not only over their fear, they were enjoying riding a mule! Thatís cos Mules are made in heaven. Everyone knows that!

Notes from a Novice Muleteer

For as long as I can remember I have always been afraid of horses. I think that I can actually date it from when I was standing at a bus stop in the depths of Derbyshire and a friendly horse came and ate my coat buttons. I don't know who frightened me the most, the horse or my mother, irate at the loss of my buttons! It was with some trepidation that I decided to ride a mule whilst staying with our friends Albert and his wife Pat, on their finca. I approached 'the beast' warily, only to find a gentle brown-eyed creature looking at me quite solemnly. I was encouraged to walk around her and then to groom her. To my surprise and utter delight she stood there placidly. By the end of three days I was able to feed her from my hand and enjoy her gentle nibbles at the carob pods. The day finally came when I helped Albert to saddle her and we rode out of the paddock and along the track. We have photographs to mark the occasion. My only regret, that I had not met a mule earlier. Now I have many happy memories of enjoying being with these wonderful animals. P.S. My tee shirt didn't have any buttons on it! Mrs. Kathryn Pearce